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Storm Tactical Rite In Rain 6 Ring Data Book

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Storm Tactical Mini Modular Sniper Data Book
Same design as the regular book but in a compact package, with re-fillable Tan Rite in Rain paper data pages. 120 total pages. Tan polydura 6 ring binder.  Note, this book is superior if operating in damp open field conditions, and works best if using the Rite in Rain pen in damp conditions, or pencil in dry conditions. This books is also smaller and lighter than coil bound books, if space and weight in the field are an issue for you. Modular Data Book, 6 ring mini binder, with re-fillable Data Book pages, on Tan Rite in Rain Tactical Paper. 7 3/4"x 5 3/4"  
Pages include:
Cold Bore-20
Reticle Holdover-8
Ballistic Table-16
Zero/Call Data-16
Stationary Torso-16
Blank Special Target-16
Long Range Call/Plot-4
Moving Torso-4
Observation Log-4
Round Count Log-12
Reference Info-6